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A non-fic post: Several of you have been kind enough to email or text and ask how I'm faring in the hurricane. The short answer is that I am well out of range, i.e., still in Scotland. Though I'm obviously concerned about my house, everything I've read from my local friends and the news there suggests that it ought to be fine. Supposedly I am going home tomorrow, though given the likelihood of continued power outages in NoLa, I consider myself at about a 50% probability to get stranded in Philadelphia for a day or two. If this happens, NYC people, I may be headed your way. I'm currently without phone contacts (though not without phone - why did I not take the time to import the info to the global phone?), so if anybody wanted to drop me a line via email with their number, I would be very grateful!

Right now I'm on a train from Inverness to Glasgow, though it is currently motionless due to a landslide on the tracks. We'll make it, by diverting through Edinburgh, but it's going to take a while. Transit is not going well for me currently, is what I'm saying.

More fic updates, and new fic, not long after I get back to the US and have electricty/internet again, but at this point I think giving any time estimates on that would be a bad idea.

ETA: All flights to New Orleans canceled tomorrow and most likely Friday too. I was offered a bump to first class if I'd travel on Sunday instead, so I am doing that. Three more days in Scotland!

I know that my house is without power, but it's in an area that has no trees or power lines down and no flooding, so I remain only at Concern Level Yellow there.


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