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One of you out there must be (a) pretty good with graphic design and (b) with access to a machine that makes iron-on transfers, right? Or you know someone who does?

A friend and I each need some iron-ons to complete our Mardi Gras finery. I need a Gizmonics Institute logo and patch, and she needs the sign that hangs on the outside of the TARDIS. We can provide the actual designs/dimension, of course, and would pay. Only trick is we need them in about two weeks. Anybody? Bueller?


FYI, there is more XMFC fic here: "Sacrament." Charles is a priest!
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My genius flist seems likely to know:

Let us say it's Regency-period England. We have one lord, still alive and holding the title, but for some years now in a state of illness/partial dementia that renders him effectively unable to make his own decisions. Who is most likely to have authority over the estate (and the marriages of his children) -- the son and heir to the title, who is of age but barely; the wife; or an executor, solicitor or person of similar position? In this situation there is no other close male relative of age and similar status/landholding.


Have been weirdly under the weather for days. Today nausea was added to the mix. Ughhhhh. But I keep on keeping on.


Before I gave my mother a dog for Christmas, I sat down and seriously questioned whether she was mature enough to handle the responsibility. This was not an idle inquiry.

Today Mom called and said she just seems to be doing it all wrong, and she's tired of worrying about it, and so we have to find another home for the puppy and that's all there is to it. She has had the dog for three weeks and has not yet even had it spayed (before which any assessment of personality is only a guess). When I asked her if she had looked into obedience training or read any of the books on puppy raising I bought her, she acted annoyed.

Much is explained, people.
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No more Jetsons references, I promise.

So, I am trying to get the swing of Dreamwidth now. Happily, I staked out my username a long time ago; however, I have literally never originated a post here. If I have figured the aforementioned "crazy thing" out, this should post not only at DW but also at LJ (which I intend to keep active for at least the next 11 months, i.e., the amount of time still remaining on my paid account.) Did that happen?


Also! I have added only a scant few folks to my DW reading list. I know there are more of you I should be following (and this may be importing -- the flood is taking a long time, of course.) If we talk regularly and you are on DW, I would love if if you would let me know/invite me/etc.

ETA: OK, the link to "comment on Dreamwidth" didn't appear on LJ. What do I do in settings to fix that?


In other news, I am having a Christmas Eve party. The original idea was that it would be about six of us, and we would have no ambitions higher than, say, playing Clue while drunk. I still have high hopes for Clue in a state of inebriation ... but the confirmed guest list is now at 19 people, and there could easily be as many more over again. This means I am SCRAMBLING for appetizers.

(Note to self: I do not yet have a "First World Problems" tag. Remedy this?)

So far on the menu:

chocolate-peppermint cupcakes*
hot crab dip** with crackers
sliced ham**
white chocolate and cranberry cookies
Oreo bark
strawberries with cream cheese***, sour cream and brown sugar as dips
roasted spiced nuts
chocolate candies in little bowls
Bloody Marys
some alcoholic punch my friend Steve is making, contents TBA
soda for the kids

Does this sound like a good mix to you guys? Is there anything else you'd particularly recommend?

And remind me to tell you guys about chihuahua delivery!

* The recipe I have is actually for a cake. I know that usually cake recipes will work for cupcakes, but those of you who bake more often -- are there any pitfalls to look out for there?

** I remain a vegetarian for the most part, but I will occasionally cook seafood for guests because, weirdly, not everyone gets psyched about lentil soup. The ham was a Christmas gift from my father, who can't seem to remember the vegetarian thing.

*** No, I still don't like cheese, but others do, and I have a feeling they will polish this off fast enough.


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