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My genius flist seems likely to know:

Let us say it's Regency-period England. We have one lord, still alive and holding the title, but for some years now in a state of illness/partial dementia that renders him effectively unable to make his own decisions. Who is most likely to have authority over the estate (and the marriages of his children) -- the son and heir to the title, who is of age but barely; the wife; or an executor, solicitor or person of similar position? In this situation there is no other close male relative of age and similar status/landholding.


Have been weirdly under the weather for days. Today nausea was added to the mix. Ughhhhh. But I keep on keeping on.


Before I gave my mother a dog for Christmas, I sat down and seriously questioned whether she was mature enough to handle the responsibility. This was not an idle inquiry.

Today Mom called and said she just seems to be doing it all wrong, and she's tired of worrying about it, and so we have to find another home for the puppy and that's all there is to it. She has had the dog for three weeks and has not yet even had it spayed (before which any assessment of personality is only a guess). When I asked her if she had looked into obedience training or read any of the books on puppy raising I bought her, she acted annoyed.

Much is explained, people.
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Because it's going to be a while yet before I can fall asleep --

In this meme, you're supposed to put the first lines of your most recent 10 or 25 or something fics.

I'm going with the most recent 20, chronological order, obviously not including anonymous gift exchange fics not yet revealed.

the first lines )

Tried two experiments in baking today. The Oreo bark ... is not. Two ingredients! Broken up Oreos and white chocolate chips! Melt the white chocolate around the Oreos, then chill it, and victory is yours! EXCEPT. The white chocolate would not melt. I followed the bag instructions. They remained inviolate. I tried again. And again. Essentially, about a third of them got HOT LIKE THE SURFACE OF THE SUN while the rest (despite stirring, yes!) simply would not budge. They were like, "After the end of eternity, we shall stand as we are now." They were strong-willed, these chips. Finally, after about 45 minutes of this, the Oreos began to burn. Defeat.

Thus it was with no small amount of trepidation that I undertook the chocolate cupcakes, but they turned out jim-dandy. I'll do the peppermint icing tomorrow, but that looks simple enough, SHE SAID. Now that vegans are coming, I have added vegan tortilla chips and salsa to the mix, and my friend Steph is bringing some more along for them as well. Tomorrow a.m., I get up and make the cookies -- lots and lots of cookies -- amid icing-making, which means the most complicated thing I'll have to do, food wise, in the afternoon is assemble the hot crab dip. But there's plenty of cooking to do. Thank God the invite specified that pajamas are acceptable attire; I don't think I'll have the chance to throw on anything else!


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