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Birthdate:Jun 12
Location:New York, United States of America
Setting the V.C.R. when we go to bed
to record a night owl movie, some charmer we missed
we always allow, for unprogrammed unforeseen,
an extra half hour. (Night gods of the small screen
are ruthless with watchers trapped in their piety.)
We watch next evening, and having slowly found
the start of the film, meet the minors and leads,
enter their time and place, their wills and needs,
hear in our chests the click of empathy's padlock,
watch the forces gather, unyielding world
against the unyielding heart, one longing's minefield
laid for another longing, which may yield.
Tears will salt the left-over salad I seize
during ads, or laughter slow my hurry to pee.
But as clot melts toward clearness a black fate
may fall on the screen; the movie started too late.
Torn from the backward-shining of an end
that lights up the meaning of the whole work,
disabled in mind and feeling, I flail and shout,
"I can't bear it! I have to see how it comes out!"
For what is story if not relief from the pain
of the inconclusive, from dread of the meaningless?
Minds in their silent blast-offs search through space--
how often I've followed yours!--for a resting-place.
And I'll follow, past each universe in its spangled
ballgown who waits for the slow-dance of life to start,
past vacancies of darkness whose vainglory
is endless as death's, to find the end of the story.

-- Mona Van Duyn

"The world is a Noah's ark on the sea of eternity containing all the endless pairs of things, irreconcilable and inseparable. And heat will always long for cold and the back for the front and smiles for tears and mutt for jeff and no for yes with the most unutterable nostalgia there is."

-- Diane Arbus

"Never trust the teller, trust the tale."

-- D.H. Lawrence

"Frankly, I think your average male character could eat a baby on screen and still not incite the level of hostility that a female character will get for having bad hair."

-- [info]marinarusalka

"Isn't sanity just a one trick pony? Seriously, all you get is the one trick, rational thinking. But when you're good and crazy, the sky's the limit!"

-- The Tick

Friending policy -- Nobody needs to ask permission to friend; everybody's welcome. I don't keep track of defriending and don't take it personally; I have become very much an "oscillating fan" and figure that not everybody's going to be into my obsession of the moment. I tend to friend relatively few people, but please don't take that personally either.

Herein you will find lots of fic (het, slash, gen), lots of reviews (episodes, movies) and various mutterings about my day. If this amuses you, come aboard. I respect everybody's right to their opinion, but if you're regularly negative or dismissive about something that I love, that negativity would be better posted in your LJ than mine. In short: Please be kind about the shiny, happy fandom toys. I will be kind about yours in return.

A Get-To-Know-You Meme, taken from [info]resmin:

1. What are your fandoms? What do you like to create or enjoy in them (fic, art, vids, meta...)?

As of January 2011: Alias, Mad Men, Star Trek: Reboot, Ugly Betty, Fringe, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, All My Children, Lost, the X-Men Movieverse, Star Trek: DS9, Star Trek: The Next Generation and a few other things. I mostly write fic and natter on about shows, though I rarely engage in meta because I feel like it gets me too far away from the fun.

2. What's your most embarrassing/unpopular/far-out fannish love or opinion?

Most embarrassing: Undoubtedly the great Whedonverse freakout of 2003, though in retrospect, I had a lot of stuff to deal with right then and, all things considered, could've directed the crazy in worse directions. I'm rather thoroughly embarrassed by it, but at the same time, I still don't want to watch BTVS, ATS or "Firefly," and I've just sort of accepted that the scar tissue's there.

Unpopular: I'm one of about eight heterosexual woman who doesn't find Sawyer on "Lost" very attractive? Also, I just don't see the Kirk/Spock in the ST reboot canon at this point.

Far-Out There: I think Bashir/O'Brien in the last year of DS9 is CANON, dammit!

3. What's a journal you enjoy reading (personal or community)?

I'm really enjoying [info]madmen_tv, which has a really high level of discussion and analysis.

4. Share the love: what's the main author/musician/tv show/etc that you're pimping these days?

Give "Fringe" a chance, everybody -- phenomenal lead female character, wacky mad scientist and a war with an alternate dimension. What's not to love?


Get links to all my fic here.

My warnings policy for fic is here.


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