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5 characters that don't (or wouldn't if it existed in their universe) celebrate Christmas.

1) Erik "Magneto" Lehnsherr. First of all, he's Jewish. Second of all, my personal take on the guy is that religious faith of any sort is in his rear-view window any time after his parents' death. I personally read him as having decided to identify as a mutant, first and foremost, and all other cultural/social considerations are very distant by comparison. While I don't think he'd be openly hostile towards Christmas celebrations by those around him, I don't think he'd have much use for them either.

2) Spock. Atheist from another planet. Survey says "No." That said, a pure gift exchange, however illogical, might be borne or even participated in, but only if he felt he had little choice in the matter, and it would be more like a sociology study for him than an actual celebration.

3) Irina Derevko. Also likely to be an atheist; if she has a God, his name is probably Milo Rambaldi. Growing up in the Soviet Union, she might well not have any specific holiday traditions. No doubt she did all the Christmas stuff while pretending to be Laura, but I'm guessing those memories would make it likely that she never celebrated on her own again.

4) Amanda Clarke/Emily Thorne. Christmas is for the weak, bitches. Since her father died, she hasn't wrapped one present or sung one carol. Hasn't hung an ornament on the tree. This year she will be giving Victoria the gift of boiling hot vengeance.

5) Emperor Palpatine. Did his Imperial guards not do their dangedest to prevent Chewbacca from getting back to Kashyyk in time for Life Day? He spits on Life Day. The only Christmas figure he felt any personal sympathy with would be Cold Miser. Brrrrrr.


In other news, Fringe Fest story is out to beta for tomorrow's last-minute posting. I went to an awesome Christmas party tonight, and my face actually hurts from smiling. The guest list for the party is climbing, but another friend who is co-hosting is stepping in with appetizers of her own. Only six episodes to go in the 1992 animated X-Men series on Netflix, so I has a sad; it's honestly my favorite X-canon.


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